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Ebb and Flow Rolling Benches

Complete Max Roll Benches
  •     Bench structure galvanized 1”  steel tubing 

  • Leveling header – 1 ¼” galvanized tubing, with 2” of leveling capability 

  • Anti-Tip bracket welded together with galvanized steel tubing

  •  Metal brackets to secure bench to concrete  

  • Extruded Aluminum side rails, rounded bench corners

  • Molded polystyrene Ebb and Flow tray inserts

  •  Bench connector barbed through one end to connect to ¾” hose

  •  All necessary glue and fasteners for assemble

  •  All parts pre-drilled, pre-punched, pre-cut ready to assemble 

Ebb and Flow Rolling benches are great for growing a huge array of crops. Sometimes referred to as Ebb and flow rolling grow benches, are great for indoor grows do to only needing 1 aisle in the room wasting no space. All of our ebb and flow growing benches are custom made to all the exact specs needed by the customer.

Above is showing our 4' max roll benches, these benches offer welded anti-tip cross bars, and brackets to mount the legs to concrete, Max roll benches from Innovative Growers Equipment, offer the best flexibility eliminating most useless aisle spaces!

The above chart show our rolling specs of our Standard rolling Ebb flow benches and our Max rolling benches

All our benches are made to order for each customer.  Ebb & Flow benches are available in many widths. We currently stock 4', 5', & 6' wide tray at our manufacturing warehouse.  Many other widths are available as a special order.  The bench lengths are completely custom, but generally must be at least 7 1/2 feet long as a minimum.  Depending on our backlog of orders, we are usually able to ship tray orders of our stocked widths in about 2-3 weeks or less. Bench orders are usually produced in roughly 6-8 weeks.


Contact us if you have any questions regarding our rolling benches!